Libra de Oficio is our transfer of knowledge seminar-conference series in which we invite people from different interest entities (companies, administrations, associations…) to share with us their experience and bring us closer to the singularities of their sector and their work.

The name of this series comes from the popular Galician saying ‘Máis vale libra de oficio ca arroba de terra’ [A pound of trade is worth more than an arroba of soil], which means the same as ‘o saber vale máis co ter’ [knowledge is worth more than property]. This aims to draw attention to the significance of research and knowledge for the achievement of any activity, and therefore to the significance of research centers that work hand in hand with other social actors and citizenry, such as ours, which establish collaborations and keeps constant and direct contact with society.

These activities have an estimated length of one hour. Most seminars are broadcasted through a digital video conference platform so that attendance can be in person or virtual. In-person attendees can receive sustainable presents from ECOBAS, participate in raffles of products related to our guests, or participate in different additional activities depending on the event.


22-02-2022, 19.00h (CET), School of Business Studies of Vigo
Libra de Oficio – XENERA: Electric company – Ulises Varela (founding member and manager)
Ulises Varela, manager of XENERA Compañía Eléctrica
25-01-2022, 19.00h (CET), Verbum Museum, Vigo
Editorial Galaxia and the Galician publishing industry: Fran Castro (CEO of Galaxia and writer) & Inma López Silva (writer and theatre critique)
Fran Castro and Inma López Silva
23-11-2021, 17:30 H (CET), Martín Códax Winery (Cambados)
VITICULTURISTS MARTÍN CÓDAX Galician S. Coop.: Juan Vázquez Gancedo (CEO)
Juan Vázquez Gancedo
09-11-2021, 19:00 H (CET), Assembly Hall, School of Economic and Business Science USC
Muuhlloa Cooperative: Chusa Expósito (CEO) and Carmela Valiño (Secretary)
Chusa Expósito Casal e Carmella Valiño Vázquez - Muuhlloa Cooperative
21-09-2021, 16:30H (CET), Museum of Galician People
Elena Ferro (Clog Maker and Premio Nacional de Artesanía 2019)
Elena Ferro - Clog Maker and Premio Nacional de Artesanía 2019