Our mission is to become a research center of excellence in the field of social sciences by developing quality and frontier research, interdisciplinarity, quality training, and by promoting strategic alliances. ECOBAS aims to help meet the great issues and challenges of society in the economic, social and environmental fields.


We aim to become an international reference in the developing of new paradigms and methodologies for the study of economic, social, and environmental sustainability in the coming decades. To this end, we provide specialized and groundbreaking knowledge for the purposes of decision-making and management of the great challenges in society.


Our values are aligned with the main international mandates and treaties, such as the European Charter for Researchers, the Principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), or the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


ECOBAS’ goal is to achieve maximum excellence in all its actions. For this purpose, we have selection, supervision, and evaluation systems which guarantee outstanding quality both in the Center’s human resources and in the activities and practices developed in it.

Academic independence

The component members of our Research Center benefit from full freedom to choose their lines of research and to make their own decisions when stablishing those strategic alliances they consider convenient to accomplish them, always bearing in mind the ethics, professional responsibility, and good practice principles.

Collaboration and interdisciplinarity

The Center will implement programs and actions contributing to greater collaboration of its members –both among themselves and with other professionals in the field that are not part of our Center– with other research centers in different scientific fields; with entities, administrations and companies, and with society in general.

Ethics, transparency and good governance

ECOBAS is firmly committed to work ethically and transparently at all times. For this reason, we encourage the internal and external communication of our actions and work under the highest quality standards in terms of protocols and governance.


The Center has a broad commitment with the values of equal opportunities, equal treatment and non-discrimination on grounds of gender, age, social status, religion or any other reason. For this end we will promote practices that help reduce such inequalities both within the organization and in society as a whole.

Science by and for society

ECOBAS promotes the participation of all social actors (administration, company, associative network, citizenry…) to guarantee that the activities we developed respond to the actual problems and need of society by fostering the use of methodologies that are inclusive and participatory at all stages of the research and innovation process.

Alignment with major global challenges

ECOBAS’ strategic lines in regards of research, innovation, transfer of knowledge and training consider the needs and recommendations included in regional covenants, such as Smart Specialization Strategies (RIS3 and RIS3T); national covenants, such as the Spanish Science and Technology Strategy (EECTI); and international covenants, such as the priorities of the European Union in the new 2021-2027 funding period and the Sustainable Development Goals.