Muuhlloa Cooperative: Chusa Expósito (CEO) and Carmela Valiño (Secretary)

Chusa Expósito Casal e Carmela Valiño Vázquez, CEO and secretary of Muuhlloa Cooperative Group, share with us the intricacies of their company as they strive to invigorate the rural areas through innovation and eco-production.

We will have gifts for the first 20 people to arrive, and at the end of the event, there will be raffle with goods from the cooperative among the attendees.

Tuesday, 9th of November at 19.00h (CET)

LOCATION: Assembly Hall, School of Economic and Business Science USC (Santiago de Compostela). Free entry until full capacity is reached(*)

ONLINE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW8-kujN91E




Libra de Oficio is our transfer of knowledge seminar-conference series in which guests from different entities of interest (such as companies, administrations, associations…) share with us their experience and showcase the specifics and particularities of their field and work.