The Xunta de Galicia and the University of Vigo agree on the creation of the institutional chair of Good Local Governance.

This agreement seeks to improve the Galician public management, through the investment of 110,000 euros.

The collaboration between both institutions involves Red Localis, a research and knowledge transfer entity. This Think Tank, created in 2015, is formed by university faculty members and researchers, as well as professionals working in the context of municipalism. It is a research line of the Competitive Reference Group of the Galician University System integrated by experts in the local area GEN (Governance and Economic Research Network).

This Committee is led by the co-directors of Red Localis, Alberto Vaquero (ECOBAS researcher), and Concepción Campos, and the Director of the GEN Group, Santiago Lago (ECOBAS researcher). The budget for this specific action is 60,000 euros.


Find out more about this news through the newspaper El Correo Galego.