Updated information on activities

We will keep you informed about activities and news of interest, both organized by ECOBAS and other entities. If at any time you wish to stop receiving our communications, you only have to notify us and we will remove you from our mailing list.

You can invite your research personnel to subscribe to our lists through this link:


Organization of seminars

ECOBAS holds two cycles of seminars: the Cycle of Research Seminars and the Cycle of Doctoral Seminars. In addition, it provides support to those members of the Center who request it in the organization of other seminars, collaborating in the preparation of dissemination materials and in the promotion of the events and, whenever possible, in their financing.


Aid for the promotion of the activities

We put our resources (digital and analogue) at your disposal to promote the activities that you organize or take part in, such as events or the publication of news related to specific activities. You can request it through the address:

Management and reservation of areas

We put at your disposal the areas we have available, so that any member of the Center can request their use at any time, both physical (offices, common rooms, meeting rooms…) and virtual (virtual classrooms, meetings through Zoom…). It can be requested through the address below:

Assistance on design of dissemination materials

If you arrange any activity and you need to design a poster or any other kind of material to promote it, we can help you with it, as long as it is requested with enough time in advance. Subject to the availability of human resources to tackle the work at the time of the request. It can be requested through the address below:

Employment advertisement

We provide assistance in the promotion of job offers (we have our own account in EURAXESS and we put at your disposal the Job Offers section of the web page and our distribution lists). You can apply through the link below:

Funding of activities

The center will have competitive and open calls for the funding of activities related to its research agenda.

Publication of working papers

The center has a repository of working papers on the web, prior external review. The new policies encourage the open publication of research results, and one of the options that exist in this sense is the use of institutional repositories. This can be requested through the address below:

Expedition of certificates and accreditation documents

Frequently the researchers require to present accrediting documents of different nature (belonging to the Center, participation in activities of the Center, participation in certain projects…) to apply for certain processes. We provide assistance in the preparation of these documents related to ECOBAS membership or participation in activities carried out by the Center. It can be requested through the address below:

Minimum duration of affiliation to ECOBAS is 2 years

The duration may be shorter in exceptional cases, and in any case the termination must have previously been requested and approved by the corresponding governance bodies.

Use of affiliation in publications with the required format

The specific instructions on the format of the scientific signature that must be used will be published soon, once it has been validated by the research vice-rectories of the three universities.

Commitment of indicating affiliation to ECOBAS

When taking part in activities such as congresses, interviews in the press, news… it will be necessary, as far as possible, to always indicate that you belong to the Center. This does not exclude the fact of indicating that you belong to a research group or to other corresponding entities.

Use of the ECOBAS logo

The ECOBAS logo and, whenever possible, the link to the website should be included in the different dissemination elements such as personal websites, mailing lists, presentations at congresses or similar events.
You can download the identity elements and the corporate identity manual at:


Commitment to report on activities carried out

In order to keep an updated record of the activity carried out in the center, and to make a correct promotion and dissemination of it whenever the circumstances allow it, it is necessary to inform as often as possible about the activities developed, including the publication of new articles, the awarding of projects in competitive calls, the signing of agreements or contracts, the awards received and any other relevant activity. The information shall be sent to the address below:

Collaboration and participation in the Center's activities

ECOBAS aims to become a reference center and to develop a strong scientific community. For this reason, we encourage all staff to get involved in the Center’s activities as much as possible. This implies, for example, attending, whenever possible, the events organized by the Center or its members; collaborating in the promotion and publicity of these events; following ECOBAS in social networks and sharing the publications that are made, among others.

Undergo periodic evaluation procedures

The research staff of ECOBAS will be evaluated every four years by an External Evaluation Committee, with the objective of guaranteeing that the quality and productivity of the Center remain steady.

Research Seminar Series

Seminars usually held on Fridays, in which important researchers, both in-house and from other national and international centers, are invited to present their work.

These activities have an approximate duration of one hour, and can be held both in a mixed manner ( on-site and broadcasted live through a virtual platform) and completely online.

They can be hosted at any of the campuses of the three universities that integrate the Center. Any member can propose the invitation of a researcher in the framework of this cycle, sending an e-mail to with information about the guest speaker they wish to invite, the work they would present, and the date it would take place. The Scientific Direction will evaluate the proposal based on the quality of the lecturer, the adequacy of the subject matter with the work lines of the Center, and the availability of the date.

Doctoral Seminar Series

In these seminars, researchers in the early stages of their career (predoctoral and postdoctoral) are invited to share their work, and also to talk about their experience, from a more vital point of view, in the field of research.

They are usually held on Thursdays (with some exceptions) and, as with the research seminars, the approximate duration is one hour, and can be held in a mixed manner ( on-site and broadcasted live through a virtual platform) or totally online.

The procedure for proposing a seminar of this type is the same as for the Research Seminars: an e-mail should be sent to with the details of the candidate you would like to invite, the work to be presented, and the preferred date, and the proposal will be evaluated by the Scientific Direction and the decision will be communicated to the applicant.

Libra de Oficio

It is a series of seminars-conferences of knowledge transference. People belonging to different entities of interest (companies, administrations, associations…) are invited to share with us their expertise and to present us the singularities of their sector and their work.

The name of this series of events comes from the popular Galician proverb ‘A pound of trade is worth more than an acre of land’, which has the same meaning as ‘knowledge is worth more than a lot’, and wants to highlight the importance of research and knowledge for the performance of any activity and, therefore, the importance of the research centers to work hand in hand with the rest of the social agents and with the citizenship, establishing collaborations and keeping us always in direct contact with society.

These activities last approximately one hour, and can be attended both on-site and online, since on most occasions they are broadcasted via streaming through the Center’s YouTube channel. The attending audience has the opportunity to receive small sustainable gifts from ECOBAS, participate in raffles of products related to the guests, or participate in various additional activities, depending on the event.

The objective of these activities is twofold: on the one hand, to bring the Center closer to the public by offering non-academic activities, in order to arouse their interest in ECOBAS’ work topics; and on the other hand, to establish a network of contact with entities of interest in the surrounding area, opening the possibility of collaborating with them through different means (joint participation in competitive research projects, signing of agreements to carry out activities of common interest…).