Workshop “Transformation of materials for a circular economy”.

Thursday, 16 de Xuño at 10:00h (CEST)

Course “Sustainability and circularity of materials”.

LOCATION: CIS Technology and Design (Ferrol)

Those attending the workshop will be able to learn first-hand about the transformation processes of materials from two perspectives: the recovery of raw materials from recycled materials and the optimization of the use of scarce raw materials and the consumption of energy needed to produce new materials in a more sustainable way.

During the first part of the workshop, which will be broadcast online, representatives of the company Lavelle Europe and the Association of Recyclers of Construction and Demolition will present practical cases related to this type of processes underlined by sustainability.

Subsequently, a practical workshop will be held by Materially, in which a strategic study on examples of materials at international level whose sustainability and adaptation to the criteria of circular economy has been improved through the transformation processes will also be presented.

Workshop Program

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