Scientific Conference Series Aida Fernández Ríos – María Loureiro: “Citizenship in light of climate change: socioeconomic aspects”

María Loureiro García, professor of Fundamentals of Economic Analysis, School of Economic and Business Science of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), and elected member of the RAGC. Scientific Director of ECOBAS.

“Citizenship in light of climate change: socioeconomic aspects”

Climate change is one of the most global and worrying phenomena faced by citizens in the 21st century. This presentation analyzes how sentiments towards climate change are expressed and transmitted globally and generate possibilities for the implementation of mitigation and adaptation policies in different continents. In the news, there is increasing global awareness of the occurrence of climate change and its economic and social consequences; this is especially true in countries that have recently experienced extreme events. To conduct this analysis, we employ a database containing over 100 million records of Twitter conversations globally from 2019 to the present.
By proximity, we will focus on the European case and analyze it causally, with microeconomic empirical applications, like how the energy transition and its consequences on energy prices affect the perception on the need for climate policy.


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