Libra de Oficio: Óliver Laxe

The French-Galician filmmaker, director of films such as “Todos vós sodes capitáns”, “Mimosas” or “O que arde”, will be discussing with the attendees of the new seminar of Libra de Oficio that will take place on Friday, September 23rd, at 12h at Vello Cárcere in Lugo.

Friday, September 23rd – 12H CEST

LOCATION: O Vello Cárcere – Praza da Constitución, Lugo, ES 27002



Libra de Oficio is our transfer of knowledge seminar-conference series in which guests from different entities of interest (such as companies, administrations, associations…) share with us their experience and showcase the specifics and particularities of their field and work.

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