Expo-Fair: The comming science has a woman’s name

Friday, March 18, from 17.00 to 20.00h

Berbés Square (Vigo)

ECOBAS participates on Friday, March 18, in the event ‘The comming science has a woman’s name’ (‘A ciencia que vén ten nome de muller‘), organized by the University of Vigo Scientific Culture Unit (UCC+i), an action that is part of the annual plan of activities of the UCC+i “Science round trip”, funded by the Pontevedra Provincial Council and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) – Ministry of Science and Technology –, with the collaboration of the Vigo City Council. It is an event for the dissemination and promotion of scientific vocations developed with the intention of making the work of the research staff known to citiciens, and showing how it favors the advancement of society.

One of the 12 stands that will be found at the fair is ECOBAS, where the attendants can have a fun time playing our ECOBAS Quiz, answering questions about economics and business sciences, and general scientific culture, and win some of the sustainable gifts we already have prepared.