8M – Science in feminine: open streaming on gciencia.com – With María Loureiro

Thursday, March 24th, 19.00h

Panel discussion – Glass ceilings in research

Reflexion about the role of women in key research positions, about their scarce presence at the head of research groups, the reasons that lead them to stay in the professional career path, the scarce representation of women academics in RAGC or at the head of academic institutions, etc

  • Concepción Sánchez Fernández, director of the Instituto de Investigacións Agrobiolóxicas de Galicia, directs the research group: Biotechnology of forest species and works in forest biotechnology and molecular abioloxy of development.
  • María Luz Loureiro García, is Professor of Economics at USC. Her economic valuation of environmental damages was used by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the process of legal claim for the damages caused by the Prestige spill. She is among the top 2% of the most cited and predominant scientists in the world, according to the SciTech Strategies ranking. This year she will be appointed academic of the RAGC. Director of the ECOBAS Research Center.
  • Lucía Maneiro, CEO of the Galician spin-off Psico VR, creator of a software for virtual reality (VR) glasses aimed at the psychological treatment of phobias, stress and panic
  • Carmela Silva, president of the Deputation..

Presented by Begoña Márquez, journalist.

The event can be followed in streaming through GCIENCIA.COM