PROFESSORS: Pablo Coello Pulido, Economist, data analyst, developer and researcher at Opseeker and Beway, and Francisco Camiña Ceballos, biologist and PhD in human xenetics at USC.


Part I: Python programming basics

With an estimated duration of 6 hours (3 sessions of 2 hours) of class plus one of tutorship. The lessons consist of a first part of theory exemplified with exercises solved by the teacher.

Additionally, students will be given exercises (with solutions) to complement the curriculum and to practice between sessions. In case of queries regarding the exercises, students may consult them via email to the teachers or during the tutoring session.

The tutoring session is designed to solve doubts about both the classes and the exercises.

Topics of the program:

  • Introduction and set up
  • Basic elements
  • Conditions
  • Data structures in Python
  • Loops
  • Functions

Part II: Numpy and pandas

With an estimated duration of 6 hours (3 sessions of 2 hours). The mechanics of the lessons are similar to the ones on the first part: Theory and exercises solved by the teacher in class and exercises with solutions to practice between sessions.

At the end of this part, a small project will be presented to the students for them to solve. It will be explained during the last hour of the third session of this part and will be delivered with its solution (or a possible solution) and the last session of the course will consist on 2 hours of tutorship to solve doubts about the project and the second part of the course.

Topics of the program:

  • Series: what are they and methods
  • Dataframes: introduction
  • Multiple dataframes
  • Dataframes: main methods.
  • Visualization
  • Project