ECOBAS Research Seminar: Jorge Higinio Maldonado – University of Los Andes

‘Understanding the lifestyle of small-scale fishers in the Colombian Caribbean: an approach based on a household production model’

Friday, 29th of October at 12.00h (CET)


ON-SITE: Seminar Room 6, School Of Economic and Business Administration



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The communities associated with small-scale fishing in developing countries, typicially exhibit a high level of poverty and vulnerability, as well as a substantial dependency on fishing resources. Fishing plays a key role as their main source of income and food security. However, there is usually not enough information about how these relationships and dynamics work. This study contributes to the comprehension of the lifestyle in these small-scale fishing communities and the identification of how economic parameters may affect household decisions. We have developed a production model of fishing homes where some consumption and production choices are not seperable and fishing is considered a common use resourse. The theoretical model is validated with information from Baru in the Colombian Caribbean. With this calibrated model, simulations hare being designed with both short and long-term effects of different policies regarding fisheries administration and household wellfare in mind. The findings provides us with information to create and design policies that promote the economic development of these communities while using these resources in a sustainable way.