Doctorate Seminar: Javier Turienzo Riveiro (University of Vigo)

La transformación del ecosistema de movilidad: tendencias, modelos de negocio futuros y su efecto en la cadena de valor global

Thursday, February 17, 13.00h (CET)


In-person: 445 Room, School of Economics and Business Administration, University of Vigo

Virtual: https://zoom.us/j/93258476810?pwd=NFozNTVYYVRsS250Uys0RHl5dUVIUT09

  • ID da reunión: 932 5847 6810
  • Código de acceso: 427904

The seminar language will be Spanish.

Mobility, understood as the ability to easily organize and execute the transport of people or materials, plays a central role in the day-to-day life of organizations. The evolution of mobility is highly interconnected with social trends and the development of technological innovation, and the impact of changes in the industry and the value chain needs to be addressed. The incorporation of solutions in the field of electrification, servitization, automation, or connectivity will prevail as major trends when their comparative performance with current media improves. In order to plan and develop the strategy that prepares companies and public administrations, it is necessary to rethink how they try to enter the market and define the role of the possible actors. Consequently, the seminar deals with the study of current and future changes in mobility as a result of innovation, changes in lifestyle, and technological impact.