The Government presents the ‘ESPAÑA 2050’ project, which includes a prospective study with the participation of a hundred researchers, including two representatives of ECOBAS

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, presented this Thursday the strategic project ‘España 2050’, with which the Executive intends to open a collective debate on the challenges that the country will face with the end of the pandemic. 
It is a plan that contemplates the functioning of the country in 30 years’ time, and which aims to deal, in a pluralistic way, with the actions to be taken for recovery with long-term strategies. The project is based on a study prepared by 100 experts who advised Moncloa, including Professor Xavier Labandeira and the Scientific Director of ECOBAS, María Loureiro, who made a brief intervention at the event in which she defended the need to “bridge the gap between science and politics”.  
The panel has been working for more than a year on this report, which discusses challenges such as the economic and social effects of the pandemic, climate change, digitalization, aging, social cohesion and equality between men and women.