The ECOBAS Scientific Advisory Committee visits Vigo

On May 12th, the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee of ECOBAS attended their first meeting with the management bodies of the Association, held in Vigo. This Committee is composed of four members of high prestige and experience in the field of economics and business: Zulima Magdalena Fernández, Professor of Business Organization of the University Carlos III of Madrid; Lucio Fuentelsaz, Professor of Business Organization of the University of Zaragoza; Inés Macho, Professor of Economics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; and Antonio Villar, Professor of Economic Analysis at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide of Seville.

In this first visit, the four members had the opportunity to share a working day with the members of the Scientific-Executive Committee and the Steering Committee, in which they were presented the information on the evolution of the Group since its creation in November 2015, and the ongoing projects within the framework of the Strategic Plan to be followed in the coming months.

The joining of this Scientific Advisory Committee to the ECOBAS organizational chart is an important added value, by providing an external and objective point of view to the Group, carrying advisory tasks and playing a central role in strategic decision-making and the establishment of new challenges.