The ECOBAS researcher, Albino Prada, will give a course in the ‘Escola Europea d’ Humanitats’

Albino Prada, researcher belonging to the ERENEA group, will be in charge of teaching the course Economic Growth and Social Progress, which will be held from July 16 to 19 at the Summer School of the Escola Europea d’Humanitats, in Barcelona.

Prada, who recently published the essay El despilfarro de las naciones, has a long history in researching the relationship between growth and development. This is the central theme of this training activity, whose objective is to analyze the influence of waste made by people and nations on social and environmental welfare, and the impact of the growth of material production on social development. 

The program of the course is structured in four sessions, which will be taught during the four days of the activity: 1) On waste, scarcity and limits of growth; growth without development and development without growth; 2) Analysis of the level of wealth and social progress on a global scale; 3) Analysis of the growth and social development in the European regions; 4) Insoluble problems, post-capitalist order and decent society.