Seminar: Vandanet Hing (Royal University of Law and Economics, Cambodia)

Monday, June 4
Seminar-room 6,  School of Economics and Business Administration (Campus Lagoas-Marcosende, UVigo)

Vandanet Hing
Vandanet Hing is a researcher and lecturer at Center for the Study of Humanitarian Law (CSHL), Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE). Ms. Hing conducts research on various topics relating to international humanitarian law (IHL) and human rights law. Alongside her research and teaching role, she coaches RULE students to participate in the Red Cross IHL Moot and Nuremberg Moot Competition. She also supervises clinical legal education (CLE) at CSHL and provides IHL training to pre-deployment Cambodian peacekeepers.
Ms. Hing holds a Master of Laws in Human Rights from the University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor of law from RULE.

The Center for the Study of Humanitarian Law of the RULE (Cambodia): Human Rights and Environment
Organizers: ERENEA Group.With the collaboration of ECOBAS