Professor Ángel Barajas, awarded by the ‘European Management Review’

Ángel Barajas, researcher of the ECOBAS Group IC2, has received the ‘Best reviewer award 2016’ from the European Management Review, a publication belonging to EURAM (European Academy of Management). This award is given each year to five researchers, who on this occasion have been, together with Professor Barajas, Dorota Bourne (Henley Business School. Grennlands, UK); Jose Pascal da Rocha (Columbia University. New York, USA); Andri Georgiadou ( University of Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire, UK) and Olivia Kyriakidou (Athens University of Economics and Business. Athens, Greece).

The European Management Review is an outstanding first quartile Scopus publication with a JCR impact factor of 1,333. The awarding of this prize is based on the quality and quantity of reviews, so obtaining it is an important recognition of the work done during the year by the reviewers.