Presentation of the special issue of journal ‘Energy Economics’ with a content selection from the last edition of the ‘Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics’

The Academic Workshop ‘2017 Developments in Energy Economics’, organized by Economics for Energy and the Spanish Association for the Energy Economy (AEEE), devoted to the analysis and discussion of advanced research topics in energy and environmental economy, will be held at the Areces Foundation in Madrid on February 15th.

In addition to the three presentations and discussions that will be carried out by important national and international academics, the event will be the setting for the presentation of a special issue of the Journal Energy Economics, which is among the 25 with the greatest impact in the field of economy, according to JCR. The editors of this issue are the ECOBAS researchers Xavier Labandeira and Carlos de Miguel, and contains a selection of papers presented at the 7th Atlantic Workshop on Energy and Environmental Economics, held in 2016.