Olga Alonso Villar, ECOBAS researcher, invited as an expert to a European meeting on gender equality

Olga Alonso Villar, Professor of the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Vigo and member of the ECOSOT research group, was invited by the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) to participate in the session entitled “Expert’s Consultation on Gender Segregation in Education, Training and the Labor Market” held on March, 2nd in Vilnius (Lithuania)

The aim of the call was to discuss, in a forum attended by 32 experts from different countries, the first results of the EIGE report on the progress in gender equality in the European Union. This Institute regularly prepares reports for the different Presidencies of the EU Council. In this case, the study is carried out at the request of the incoming Estonian Presidency, which has shown a special interest in gender occupational segregation, as well as the relationship that this problem has with the differences between women and men regarding the kind of University studies and the access to training courses in companies.

These issues will be prominently placed on the agenda of the new presidency, as shown by the fact that the report is being drawn up in close cooperation with the Praxis Center for Policy Studies of Estonia, and that the Secretary for Social Affairs from that country, Kathlin Sander, participated actively in the session. Another expert who attended the meeting was the Swedish Minister for Education and Research, Anita Carlstedt