Linknovate presents its web application of competitive surveillance in a conference organized by ECOBAS

Last Tuesday 14th, an infoday on competitive intelligence was held at the School of Economics and Business Administration, attended by researchers, managers and students from different fields.

The conference was organized by ECOBAS and was given by Manuel Noya, CEO and co-founder of the Linknovate company, created in 2012 in one of the most prestigious company incubators in the world, the Standford University (StartX). Linknovate is specialized in helping users to identify emerging technologies and key agents behind these technologies, and during its short history has already won a prize from Finodex, the European incubator of Open Data, and has been awarded three European grants.

Manuel Noya explained the services offered by Linknovate and showed the functioning and utility of the free application of its website to look for information about several topics, demonstrating with some practical examples from keywords suggested by the attendees. The event had a great success in attendance, with all the available spots covered, and the participation of the attendees was very active. For all those who could not attend, we will shortly have the video of the conference available at our ECOBAS website.