Libra de Oficio – ECOBAS Transfer seminars – Muuhlloa

Chusa Expósito Casal and Carmela Valiño Vázquez, president and secretary of Muuhlloa Cooperative, will talk about the functioning of their cooperative, which works every day for the revitalization of rural areas through innovation and organic production. 
We will have gifts for the first 20 registered and a basket of products of the cooperative will be raffled among all the assistants.
PLACE: Salón de Graos da Facultade de Ciencias Económicas e Empresariais da USC (Santiago de Compostela)
DATE: Tuesday 9th of November
TIME: 19:00 hours
The event can be followed via streaming on USC’s YouTube channel
There will be free transportation from Galician cities to attend the event. For more information, please fill in the registration form.
The expression “libra de oficio” comes from the popular saying “Máis vale libra de oficio ca arroba de terra”, which has the same meaning as “O saber vale máis có haber” or “O saber vale máis có ter” (it is more impontant to know than to have).
This saying, based on traditional measurement units, highlights the concept of training linked to ECOBAS (trade – knowledge) and shows its importance in the study of the economy and the creation of wealth.
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