Libra de Oficio – ECOBAS Transfer seminars – Elena Ferro

The artisan of Merza will talk with the assistants to the seminar about Eferro, the family business with more than a hundred years of tradition in the trade of the souks.
PLACE: Museo do Pobo Galego
DATE: Tuesday, September 21st
TIME: 16:30 hours
(previous inscription is necessary due to capacity control and COVID protocol)
We will have gifts for the first 20 people registered.
We will raffle some “Leiro” model souks among all the  presential assistants.

Online streaming

The expression “libra de oficio” comes from the popular saying “Máis vale libra de oficio ca arroba de terra”, which has the same meaning as “O saber vale máis có haber” or “O saber vale máis có ter” (it is more impontant to know than to have).
This saying, based on traditional measurement units, highlights the concept of training linked to ECOBAS (trade – knowledge) and shows its importance in the study of the economy and the creation of wealth.
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