ECOBAS researcher Fernando Bruna takes part in a project selected by “la Caixa” Foundation to reduce inequality

This project has been selected, along with nine other proposals, in a call from the Social Observatory of “la Caixa” which, under the name A new social pact to reduce inequality, aims to support research projects on Inequality and Social Pact in Spain.  

The proposal presented, entitled Intergenerational social mobility and territory in Spain, was carried out by a team led by Professor Fernando Bruna, researcher in the C+D group at the University of A Coruña and member of ECOBAS. Its project focuses on identifying the characteristics of the persistence of the socio-economic status of parents and children, with special attention to territorial aspects. Using four different statistical sources the authors study aspects of occupation, education and income, for the whole of Spain, by Autonomous Communities and by municipalities. As well as the relationship of these indicators with other indicators of each territory.  

The project of the professors of the Department of Economics of the University of A Coruña responds to the multidisciplinary nature that inspires the approach of the Foundation “la Caixa”. Fernando Bruna, doctor and graduate in Economics, and also graduate in Sociology and Political Sciences, is a member of the Jean Monnet Group of Competence and Regional Development (C+D) and ECOBAS, is the principal researcher of the project. The team also includes another researcher from the group and the Strategic Group, María Alló, doctor and environmental economist. On the part of the Social Organizations, Institutions and Markets Group (OSIM), the doctors and socio-economists Paolo Rungo and Juan Martín Legendre are members of the team.  

This call, endowed with a maximum of 100,000 euros, seeks to encourage knowledge in social sciences by supporting original research that will allow progress towards a new social pact to reduce inequality in Spain. Its main purpose is to support quantitative research projects that, within a maximum of 6 months, can carry out the entire journey from assumptions to conclusions, and present the results of the research in a report that can be published by the Social Observatory of “la Caixa”.  

In addition to the 10 selected proposals, there are 11 others that the Foundation has directly commissioned on specific topics. The joint project will consist of 21 reports, which will be presented at the Social Forum to be held in Barcelona in autumn 2021. The technical coordinator of the global project on inequality is Professor Luis Ayala, professor of Economics at the Rey Juan Carlos University.  

This Friday, February 26th, a meeting will take place between the teams of the 10 sub-projects selected in the competitive call, to share the first results.