ECOBAS promotes the initiative “For an alliance in the Galician industrial sector”

Researchers Xosé H. Vázquez, Belén Fernández-Feijóo, Jose Maria da Rocha, F. Xavier Martínez Cobas, Juan Surís, María Quintás Corredoira, Dolores Garza Gil, Coral del Río and Jose Manuel García Vázquez take part in this initiative, with the objective of developing an industrial policy to ensure inclusive economic growth in Galicia.

The Consello Económico e Social de Galicia (CES Galicia) organized last week a series of meetings in five thematic areas with the participation of nearly one hundred representatives from trade unions, universities, SMEs, large companies, clusters and technology centers. In addition to collecting more than 60 proposals grouped by challenges, the meetings enabled the mobilization of the necessary wills to harmonize the material production of certain goods and services with a firm and sustained commitment to the generation of knowledge for innovation.