ECOBAS has open until August 15 a call for applications for 6 research contracts for people who enroll in the Interuniversity Master in Economics in one of the three universities of the SUG.

The objective of this job offer is to financially support the most excellent students and to awaken their interest in research. The work to be carried out by the selected persons will be aimed at supporting a research group of the participants in the Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Economics. The selected persons may request the tutoring of a researcher of their choice, provided that he/she is part of the teaching team of the Master’s Degree, or let the coordination of the program assign him/her to do so.
The type of tasks to be performed, as well as the timetable and the location where the work will be carried out, will be agreed between the person hired and the tutor. The estimated start date of the contracts will be September 15, and they will be temporary, with a duration of one month and a half full time and a remuneration of € 1130 per month. 
 Requirements and more information here.