Carlos Gradín, researcher of ECOSOT group, moves to the UNU-WIDER of Helsinki

Professor Carlos Gradín, ECOBAS researcher and member of its Scientific-Executive Committee, will join the UNU-WIDER (United Nations University – World Institute for Development Economics Research), located in Helsinki (Finland), on 23rd January. UNU-WIDER is the first of the research centers created by the United Nations University and has a track record of 30 years. This Institute is dedicated to research in the field of economics, conducting analysis and advice on economic policies with the aim of promoting sustainable and equitable development  

Carlos Gradín will move to this center for at least one year, to contribute with his knowledge and research experience to various projects on inequalities among population groups (especially by race or gender) in different countries. In addition, he will collaborate in the development of a research network on this subject, in the organization of scientific events and in the training of researchers in developing countries.