Academics from various Spanish universities discussed in Ourense the problems faced by Family Businesses in the I Family Business Workshop

The Family Business Chair, in collaboration with the GEN research group and the ECOBAS strategic group, organized the I Family Business Workshop last May 28. This seminar, held at the Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism of Ourense, brought together about 15 relevant researchers belonging to the field of family business from the Universities of Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Vigo, Oviedo, Cantabria, Extremadura and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, with the aim of promoting research and collaboration between different institutions.

The works analyzed, among other issues: the effect of family ownership and the characteristics of the board of directors on the risk assumed by Spanish non-financial companies; the factors related to innovation and entrepreneurship focused on the CEO and the company to determine the decision to admit a CV (Corporate Venturing) in Mexican companies; succession in family businesses; or how the gender of the CEO of family and non-family businesses improves or restricts the impact of the dimensions of learning orientation in the business orientation of a company.

It is expected that the documents resulting from the comments provided during the day may be admitted by scientific journals in the economic and organizational field.

The Chair of Family Business of the University of Vigo develops a wide teaching and research activity since its inception thanks to the sponsorship of the Galician Association of Family Business, the Institute of Family Business, Banco Santander and Inditex. One of the objectives of this Chair is the dissemination, teaching and research of the uniqueness and challenges of family businesses, which represent a fundamental pillar of the economy, as well as its relationship and commitment to the environment that surrounds them.