A blog from the London School of Economics collects on its cover an article published by ECOBAS researchers

The LSE Business Review, blog edited by one of the world’s best universities in social sciences, the London School of Economics (LSE), dedicated its cover last week to the article From Efficiency-Driven to Low-Carbon Operations Management: Implications for Labor Productivity, published by Antonio Sartal, Miguel Rodríguez Méndez and Xosé H. Vázquez, researchers at ECOBAS.

In this article, the authors point out that the decarbonization of processes, which are very necessary in the fight against climate change, and with an important positive impact in many aspects have certain negative effects in terms of work performance, which those responsible for Industrial companies must take into account and assume when undertaking their decarbonization projects.

The publication of the study in such an important platform as the LSE blog just confirms the high quality of this research that, in fact, was already evident having been published in a journal such as ‘Journal of Operations Management’, which occupies the first position in the ranking of Journals Citation Reports (JCR) in the category ‘Operations research & Management Science’.