IV Session “Management control from a gender perspective”.

The University of Vigo and AICOGestión, with the collaboration of ECOBAS and the Equality Unit of the University of Vigo, co-organize the IV Conference on “Management Control from a Gender Perspective” which is held annually at the Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism (University of Vigo).

The objective of this conference is to disseminate and promote Management Control among undergraduate students, with special attention to addressing the need to transverse the gender approach at all levels of society.

Activity Coordinators: Dr. Ernesto López-Valeiras () and José Berbel Vera ()

Moderator for the day: Dra. Beatriz González (member of the Management Accounting Commission of the Spanish Association of Business Administration and Management (AECA).



19.00 h Presentation by the speakers

     María José Ferreira. Analyst consultant at Plexus Tech. Master in Big Data, BI & Controlling (UIE University).

     Sònia Valiente. PhD in Communication. Degree in Journalism (UCH-CEU) and Degree in Advertising and PR (UOC). 

     Rebeca Calvo. Psychologist, Master in General Health Psychology and Master with a specialization in Clinical Neuropsychology. Coordinator and head of the psychology area of Mentiness, a company in the People Analytics and Mental Health sector for companies.

20.00 h Debate
20.30 h End of the Event


The event will be held entirely online

Registration is required to attend the event! You can do it for free until full capacity is reached through the following link.



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