Glaukos Stakeholder Workshop ‘Tackling microplastics pollution: can biodegradable textile and coating be a solution?’

Monday, 20th of June at 10:00h-13:00h (CET)

The workshop promotes a multistakeholder debate with regards to unintentionally released microplastics in two specific applications: textiles and coating, with a special focus on the fishing gears and clothing sectors.

The objective of the workshop is to identify and discuss how biodegradable solutions can address microplastic pollution along the lifecycle stages of textiles and coatings.

The main target participants are: scientific/research community, policy makers, stakeholder related to fishing and clothing, multipliers and innovation ecosystem enablers, investors, standardisation and certification bodies and civil society representatives.


It’s necessary to fill out an inscription to attend. This workshop is free of charge.

More information on the workshop