I Cycle of Business Revitalization Conferences


12:00 Presentation of the meeting
– Pablo Casal Espido. General Technical Secretary of the First Vice-presidency of the Xunta de Galicia

12:05 The Galicia Enterprise Office
– Paula Uría Traba. General Secretary of Industry of the First Vicepresidency of the Galician Government

12:20 The EELL and the challenge of administrative simplification: How to attract investment and strengthen the business framework?
– Concepción Campos Acuña. Co-Director of the Localis Network – University of Vigo

12:35 Open dialogue. The role of public administrations in the implementation and growth of companies in Galicia.
– Marta Valcárcel Gómez. Mayoress of Salvaterra de Miño.
– Pablo Martín Fernández Castro. Architect of Arteixo City Council.
– Manuel Miranda Cadórniga. General Manager of Enmacosa Technical Consultancy.
– Xavier Carballeda Alonso. Manager of the Association of Builders of Pontevedra.
– Teresa Bernal Cortegoso. General Deputy Director of Projects of the General Secretariat of Industry. First Vicepresidency of the Xunta de Galicia.

13:50 Closing
– Jorge Cebreiros Arce. President of the Business Confederation of Pontevedra.

14:00 Farewell cocktail
Networking space among attendees