Workshop: Getting into the labor market

09.00 – Reception of attendees

09.15-09.30 – Institutional welcome

09.30-10.30 – Do you know what the labor market demands? And what does it offer?

  • Laura García (Director of People and Talent at Imatia)
  • Maruxa Mantecón (Director of the Randstad office in Vigo )
  • Belén Fernández (Higher Technician of Labor Orientation at UVigo)

10.30-11.20 – Professional skills and personal attitude

  • Diana Lameiro (Director of the Lingoreta center)
  • Maruxa Álvarez (Director of the Employment and Entrepreneurship Area of the UVigo)

11.20-11.50 – Coffee-break

11.50-12.30 – Is your resume an effective tool??

  • Ronsel Foundation

12.30-13.30 – Dynamics: simulation of a job interview

  • Ronsel Foundation

13.30-14.00 -Colloquium open to all attendees

  • Ronsel Foundatio and UVigo