Experimental methods in economics and related social sciences

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences announces a free graduate Course.

Two tracks will be offered:

  1. Introduction to Experimental Methods in Economics and Related Social Sciences (2,5 ECTS): Intensive 5-day lectures 15-19 May, in Umeå, Sweden
  2. Advanced Experimental Methods in Economics and Related Social Sciences (5 ETCS): Continuation of the introduction course. It is done on a long-distance basis, so this advanced part of the course does not require physical presence in Sweden

This graduate course is offered tuition-free, there are no associated costs. Nonetheless, students are expected to cover travel and accommodation for a 5-day stay in Umea, Sweden.

The deadline for registration is April, 4th.

'Emprender en solidario'. Cooperative Training for Entrepeneurs

Free-access educational activity (previous registration required) to start learning about the cooperative model and the social economy.

Develop your cooperative business plan

Fee access activity (previous registration) to learn how to develop a cooperative business plan.

Doctorate course

Free course given by the University of Vigo. Previous registration required.