Libra de Oficio – XENERA: Electric company – Ulises Varela (founding member and manager)

Tuesday, 22nd of February at 19.00h (CET)

LOCATION: University School of Business Studies of Vigo, Conde de Torrecedeira St. Free entry until full capacity is reached(*)

ONLINE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzpIm82owp7-9KC2toNYNVw

Our guest, Ulises Varela, manager of XENERA Compañía Eléctrica, will speak about the electric power industry, and the distribution and commercialization of energy, highlighting his project as a 100% green and 100% Galician energy marketer.

(*) We will have sustainable ECOBAS gifts for people in the audience.


Libra de Oficio is our transfer of knowledge seminar-conference series in which guests from different entities of interest (such as companies, administrations, associations…) share with us their experience and showcase the specifics and particularities of their field and work.

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