PhD Viva: Rolando Miguel Melo Vaz - Growth in Firms

Student: Rolando Miguel Melo Vaz
Title: Growth in Firms
Directed by: Eduardo Luís Giménez Fernández and José Antonio Novo Peteiro
Day: 03​​​/12/2021
Time: 10:00 horas

  • In-person attendance: Seminar-room 6, School of Economics and Business Administration, Vigo

Student Password: Lqtbk3Af

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Doctoral Seminar: Rolando Miguel Melo Vaz (University of Vigo)

The purpose of the seminar is twofold. First, we review, in a unified and critical way, those factors and strategies that promote and explain the growth of firms put forward by the empirical literature. Second, we present two empirical research that studies the impact of a number of factors for firms' growth (age, size, financial funding and location) in two strategic sectors for the Portuguese economy: Portuguese Footwear Industry and Portuguese Textile and Clothing Industry.

The doctoral seminars are given by Junior Researchers who obtained their doctoral degree less than two years ago or by predoctoral researchers who are currently developing their thesis project.